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Welcome to Etang Marolles, home of the best specimen carp in North West France


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News & Weather

Latest News Update

Latest News Update 19-26 August 2017

21 fish banked for Andy, Liam and Ashley

Latest News Update 12-19 August 2017

Our two dutch guests enjoyed their stay at Bellevue Lake & Lodge, a relaxing holiday with days out visiting local attractions and fishing in the evening. A total of 12 carp banked up to 30lb

Latest News Update 05-12 August 2017

Antony had a productive week on Bellevue banking 13 carp. Rounding off his weeks stay, turned his attention to the main lake and beat his PB several times. New PB set at 42.12lb. Well done!

Latest News Update 29-05 August 2017

Hot temperatures this week for our dutch guests fishing on Bellevue Lake. Michael and his father banked 21 carp including the sturgeon.

Latest News Update 22-29 July 2017

48hr session and 9 carp banked for Stuart and Henry. Biggest @ 41.2lb

Latest News Update 15-22 July 2017 Latest News Update 15-22 July 2017

Bellevue Lodge - Taking shape nicely

Latest News Update 08-15 July 2017

New to Marolles, power has been installed at swims 1 to 11. Available for €20 per week, water proof electrical sockets for your own personal supply of electricity.

Latest News Update 01-07 July 2017

20 carp banked and 5 lost; 2 x doubles, 5 x 20's, 7 x 30's, 3 x 35+ & 3 x 40's. A brace of forties finding their way to Jason's net at the start of the week.

Latest News Update 24-01 July 2017 Latest News Update 24-01 July 2017

In sharp contrast to the previous week rain and cooler temps resulted in 51 carp banked between 5 anglers. Ray also capitalized on the weather conditions on Bellevue and landed carp upto 31.8lb

Latest News Update 17-24 June 2017 Latest News Update 17-24 June 2017

Heatwave at Marolles with temperature heading upwards of 35+. Dai and John played it cool and landed 13 carp. Plenty of PBs broken along the way!

Latest News Update 10-17 June 2017 Latest News Update 10-17 June 2017

Weather conditions exceptionally hot, so as well as enjoying the topical heat, Simon and Nigel banked a reasonable 10 carp between them. Happy days!

Latest News Update 27-3 June 2017 Latest News Update 27-3 June 2017

The intense spawning activity left its mark with the catch numbers down with some of the Captures looking a bit worse for wear. 8 carp banked and 3 lost: 2 x 20's, 3 x 30's, 2 x 35+ & 1 x 40lb Martin lands his first French Marolles carp @ 36lb and Chandler battles with one of the big grassies

Latest News Update 20-27 May 2017 Latest News Update 20-27 May 2017

Some familiar faces this week as we welcome the "Fudgies" back to Marolles for the 2017 battle for the carp trophies, biggest and weightiest. Triumph to Mr Richardson on both counts. Fish of the week...51.6lb. A great week with a fantastic group of lads.

Latest News Update 13-20 May 2017 Latest News Update 13-20 May 2017

Spawning activity puts on the breaks on the fishing but everyone catches, 20 carp overall and a PB 46lb for Ray and the long linear @ 45lb for Darren

Latest News Update 6-13 May 2017 Latest News Update 6-13 May 2017

28 carp between our 6 anglers. Some top angling this week, forget Red Letter day, Jake had a Red Letter week!!! Banking the lion's share of forties! 7/13 FORTIES!!

Latest News Update 6-13 May 2017 Latest News Update 6-13 May 2017

28 carp between our 6 anglers. Some top angling this week, forget Red Letter day, Jake had a Red Letter week!!! Banking the lion's share of forties! 7/13 FORTIES!!

Latest News Update 29-6 May 2017

21 carp banked and 6 lost for our six anglers. Fish of the week goes to Jamie @ 41.1lb

Latest News Update 22-29 Apr 2017 Latest News Update 22-29 Apr 2017

The "North Wales Gang" banked some memorable fish along with the "Long Common" @ 49lb for Wayne and an honest 49.12lb for Gareth

Latest News Update 15-22 Apr 2017 Latest News Update 15-22 Apr 2017

Five newbies at Marolles and what a session! Phenomenal amount of FORTIES, FOURTEEN IN TOTAL!!! 11 x 40's & 3 x 45+!!! Already booked for 2018

Latest News Update 8-15 Apr 2017 Latest News Update 8-15 Apr 2017

Fifth time for Ben & Ken and a great result for the lads with some mighty carp banked. NINE FORTIES, three of which broke the 45lb+ barrier. 15 banked and 4 lost, a solid result with some formidable fish caught! Heaviest fish goes to Ken at 47lb but the prettiest to Ben, a fully scaled at 27.8lb

Latest News Update 1-8 Apr 2017

5 anglers on and up & running on the first night with a whopper at 45.12lb for Cecil, a 40.8lb for Stuart, followed by a stunning 37.2lb common for Chris. With the increasing bar pressure the conditions weren't easy but Wayne still managed to winkle out six carp with the biggest @ 42.12lb and Steve amongst his three catches a PB @ 45.4lb. Happy days. 24 carp banked and 5 lost. Fish of the week must go to Cecil banking this stunning 44.4lb linear.

Latest News Update 26-1 Apr 2017

First timer David Jenkins had a steady session on the main lake banking 40.2lb, 40lb, 37.12lb, 33lb, 36.4lb and a very nearly PB @ 42. A great result for waters previously unknown.

Latest News Update 1-13 Mar 2017

Although not officially open, Paul fished the nights during his two week stint helping with the construction work on Bellevue Lodge and the new dining area for anglers.
Six forties and an upper thirty rewarded Paul for his efforts at Marolles. The biggest weighing in at 45.8lb. A FANTASTIC preview to what’s to come in the 2017 season.

Etang Marolles about to get wet
Etang Marolles View Of the Lodge Etang Marolles Arrival

About Us

The fishery was set up in 2007 by ourselves, David & Caroline Midgley. We live on site at Marolles with the aim of providing a top class fishing holiday to all our customers.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive fishing venue for a group or prefer to fish alone we can cater to your requirements.

We are situated in the North West of France between the Normandy and Brittany border in the beautiful countryside of Loire.The area is steeped in history with our nearest town of Fougères home to the largest medieval castle in Europe.

The Loire Valley is a stunning area of France with breathtaking views. It's also a perfect place to take time out and relax, and where better to do so than on the shores of our wonderful carp lake. All of our holidays come with a perfect blend of English hospitality and cuisine that France is famous for.

We are renowned for our 24hr call out service to assist in any aspect of carp angling, whether it be landing the fish, help with weighing or taking a decent photo.
Fish care is an important part of fishery management at our venue and we are only too happy to offer this service to all our customers.

Call us on +33 2 43 05 22 39 or +33 6 04 13 47 51 or email us at to book your carp fishing holiday!

 Comments Corner
  • Week   28 October-4 November 2017
    Wow, what week! Wayne & Cecil had a phenomenal session banking 25 fish with regular takes across the week. A great way to end the Marolles season with a whopping 52.4lb mirror as FISH OF THE WEEK!

  • Week   21-28 October 2017
    We hosted the CherryCarp annual euro fishing competition. Both the main lake and Bellevue were hired out and it was a fantastic week with PBs broken and spirits high. The main lake yielded 22 carp and Bellevue 21. Well done fellas!

  • Week   30 September-7 October 2017
    “First trip to France and we were not disappointed, stunning fish, excellent food and very very well run and maintained. Exceeded expectations. Thank you” James
    “Had a great week, fishing was hard (probably my fault!) but hospitality and help from Dave and Caroline first class, food and facilities first class, I will definitely be coming back”. Steve

  • Week   23-30 September 2017
    Harder fishing conditions but the lads managed to winkle a few lumps out including a mightly 44lb PB for Tom

  • Week   16-23 September 2017
    The fishing slowed but the lads are still catching. Glen breaks his PB twice and now with a new PB of 47.8lb, the bar is set high for next year!

  • Week   9-16 September 2017
    A sharp contrast in the weather with colder nights, although the fish were still feeding. 47 banked with the biggest weighing in at 45.12lb

  • Week   2-9 September 2017
    Our third visit to Etang Marolles and it keeps improving. The fishing has been unbelievable with 90 fish banked and most not fishing at night. The hospitality has been brilliant and the food the best we have ever had. We will be back again. Ray, Archie, J, Chaz, Joe, Ben & Steve

  • Week   5-12 August 2017
    A productive short session on the main lake with 3 forties banked, all PBs for Antony “Thank you again for everything, we truly enjoyed ourselves”.

  • Week   1-8 July 2017
    Jason was off to flying start with a brace of 40’s and Mark lands his PB. Quite a tidy catch report this week including THREE FORTIES

  • Week   24 June-1 July 2017
    After the extreme heat, the rain and colder temperatures turned the fishing back on and plenty banked 51 in total for our five anglers, amongst this little lot, FOUR FORTIES!! Good going guys!

  • Week   17-24 June 2017
    The hottest temperatures we have known since living here. (1976, we have been told was the last time temperatures reached this high!) A fantastic week along with some PB’s to boot.

  • Week   10-17 June 2017
    “My 3rd visit and Nigel’s 2nd to Etang Marolles. As expected we have had a fabulous time. Nothings a problem to ensure our stay was enjoyable. The weather has been really fantastic which beats last year by a mile. Caroline’s cooking great as always. Dave’s nightly visits always full of humour and information. Blacky the cat, top rat catcher, he’s ruthless. As the weather has been hot the fishing has been slightly difficult but still managed a number of of fish. 8 fish landed and 6 lost, grass carp included. Will definitely be back next year for more of the same. Look forward to seeing Bellevue Lodge completed and the other site improvements. See you next year! “ Love Simon & Nigel

  • Week   27 May-3 June 2017
    A fickle week of fishing for our five anglers. The intense spawning activity left its mark with the catch numbers down and some of the captures looking a bit worse for wear. Rob and Chandler decamped onto Bellevue in the early part of the week to get a bend in the rod, banking 15 between them, whilst Andy, Martin and Tony persevered on the main lake. Great company throughout the week!

  • Week   20-27 May 2017
    “Yet again the time spent herewas amazing. Caz & Dave have made this place even better. Food was mind blowing, we will miss those sausages and toast & jam. Fishing was hard but the better man won! I came on holiday to fish but ended up working most of the time, but hey, I don’t mind Dave. As top Fudgie I shall be going through the rule book for next year to make things more equal. Jokes aside, we love this place and wouldn’t change a thing .” Lots of love The Fudgies, aka TEAM A

  • Week   13-20 May 2017
    “Despite spawning and freak weather conditions, Etang Marolles is undoubtedly the best English run French venue I’ve ever fished over the years. The food was of an excellent standard and all cooked from fresh. The facilities were cleaned daily and did the job they were built for. The lake is exceptionally lovely with a plethora of fauna and flora. I can honestly say that the fish stock is in pristine condition and best I’ve seen anywhere in France, with mouths that genuinely look as though they have never seen a hook before. And that can only be put down to David’s fishery management skills. Everything bar the weather was top notch. And the whole week was given that personal touch by Caroline and David that was neither over-bearing nor intrusive. However were on hand if needed 24/7. I’m the first to complain at the time if there are any issues that need addressing on a water I am fishing at the time, but there were none. Equally I’m also the first to give credit where credit is due when everything is 100%. Spot on. So much so I’ve left a deposit to secure a place on the lake for later in 2018. Etang Marolles really is that special.” Colin & Carol

  • Week   6-13 May 2017
    A game of two halves for our six anglers this week. Top rod going to Jake who banked SEVEN FORTIES! Well done fella!!!

  • Week   29 April - 6 May 2017
    “Based on the results of last year and good weather predictions we booked the first week of May to fish Etang Marolles. When we arrived we were welcomed by Caroline and Dave. They were from the start very friendly and helpful. After choosing swim 10 & 11, in total we caught 7 fish. When the fishing was slow, we asked if we could fish Bellevue. This was not a problem and we caught 10 carp and two sturgeon on Friday. Very nice! Last but not least we had breakfast and dinner every day, the food was great and more than plenty. Thanks a lot for a pleasant stay. “Arnold & Gert-Jan

  • Week   22-29 April 2017
    This is our fourth trip by the North Wales Gang to this fantastic fishery. The fishing was testing but we all managed to catch with quite a few 40lb fish coming out. I managed a new PB with a magnificent 49lb common. The hospitality shown again by Caroline & Dave was second to none. Thank you for another memorable stay. Already looking forward to returning next year.” Wayne, Gareth, Colin, Liam & Paul

  • Week   15-22 April 2017
    “What a fantastic place, this was my first time fishing in France and could not of enjoyed it more, food was amazing. Dave & Caroline, what a fantastic couple they have got this place down to a fine art. 5 of us here and all but 1 had PB’s with lots of BIG FISH. See you next year! “ Dave, Nigel, Mick, Wheels & Scott

  • Week   8-15 April 2017
    “Another great trip (no.5). Conditions were changeable but the fish just kept coming! Thanks to Caroline & David for making the trip so relaxing and fun. Can’t wait to get back for the next trip. Great food as always. Cheers”. Ben Barr

    “This is my fourth trip and you can see how the fishery is developing with the hard work of Caroline and Dave paying off, the quality of the fish, to the maturity of the lake and surroundings. Caroline’s food and hospitality is as always second to none. Ignore Dave’s advice at your peril!!! Will be back asap and can’t wait. All the best”. Ken Connor

  • Week   1-8 April 2017
    “Another great week at Etang Marolles. Weather great! Food great, thanks Caroline. Fishing great, bearing in mind high pressure. Dave always there for the snaps & snags. Looking forward to next visit!” Chris West

    “Fantastic food, fantastic people, fantastic fishing, fantastic captures, fantastic fishery”. Cherry Carp, Tarby & Steve

  • Week   25 March -1 April 2017
    “Fantastic week- fishing was out of this world. David & Caroline brilliant, wonderful people, they have great vision, great plans. I will be back. Thank you”. David (Birmingham nurse)

  • Week   1-8 Oct 2016
    “Had another fantastic week.  Thanks so much to everyone.  Great company and  some beautiful fish.  See you soon”  Alan
     “Another great week , great hospitality,  great fishing,  thanks again.  See you soon”.  Mick & Daz

  • Week   24 Sept  - 1 Oct 2016
    “Fishing very hard but came good in the end, great time as usual.  Many thanks to Dave, Caroline, Jules & Graham for all their help.  Can’t wait to return. 
    THREE PBs  BROKEN: 48lb, 46lb & 45.9lb”  Andy, Bernie, Jason & Dean

  • Week   17-24 Sept  2016
    “The Fudgies came, tried and had a few.  It was a good week for us, a little slow going but it didn’t knock us as we know how good the fishing is here!  Dave, Caroline, Jules & Graham yet again couldn’t do enough for us all.  Hospitality A+, food was amazing as per usual!!  Looking forward to be back here again next year!  Until then, tight lines x Marky, Jimbo, Wayne, Craig, Mike, Simon & Ben”

  • Week   10-17 Sept  2016
    “Thank you for a brilliant week.  Although the fishing was slow we made the most of it.  The food was always great and the hosts even better.  Thanks again”  Ben, Steve, Anthony &  James

  • Week   3-10 Sept 2016
    “Dave, Caroline, Jules & Graham.  Thank you for a brilliant two week stay, yet again the whole experience has been fantastic.  Thank you for all your help (Take charge of that fish Dave :))  Ryan, Glen & Adrian

  • Week   27 August – 3 Sept 2016
    Glen,  Adrian & Ryan are here on a two week stint. First week over and some real corkers out considering the hot weather.  Well done guys!

  • Week   20-27 August  2016
    “After a really hot week with plenty of sunbathing we have caught some really excellent fish, mainly from Jamie in Peg 1.  Food was excellent as were the owners Dave, Caroline, Graham & Jules.  We will be visiting again soon and would highly recommend.”  Tight lines  Simon Wayne, Jamie, Andy, Brett & Paul

    “Came here for a week’s rest from everyday life but sadly did not manage it due to heart stopping, breath taking fishing.  In fact every time the phone vibrates for the next coming weeks I feel I’m going to be jumping up from my sleep.” Signed Top Rod Jamie

  • Week   31 July – 6 August  2016
    “My third trip to this stunning venue.  Looked after impeccably as always.  Food was excellent…as always.  The fishing was tough but I like a challenge.  It all came good in the end.  Thanks for looking after us so well.”  Nick & Anna

    “Another really enjoyable week, this time shared with Nick & Anna.  A challenging week for fishing but all smiles at the end of the stay.  Wonderful hospitality as ever from Caroline, Dave, Graham & Jules.  As for the food…marvellous!  Until the next time.  With thanks, Steve & Gill”

  • Week   2-9 July  2016
    THIRD  50lb’er banked this season.  “Great friends, great food and excellent fishing.  Martin broke his PB twice and had an absolutely brilliant time, doesn’t want to go home but will definitely see you again next year.  Thank you all so much”.  Dawn and Martin

  • Week   25-2 July  2016
    Paul’s had a cracking week, banking 16 fish, five of these forties; 42.4lb, 41.8lb, 41.2lb, 42.10lb & 46lb common!
    “Thank you Caroline, Dave, Jules & Graham for such a warm welcome and all your help.  An absolute cracker of a week  fishing on the Caravan Lake finishing off with a few days on the main lake, couldn’t ask for more.  Fantastic fish, beautiful surroundings, amazing people and the best food you could ask for.  Each year spent here gets better and better.  See you all again soon” Colin & Hazel

  • Week   18-25 June  2016
    “For me this beautiful lake has allowed me to fulfill a goal of crossing the 40lb barrier after many years of fishing.  In fact I have had 4 carp over that figure.  The biggest of which has given me a new PB mirror of 46.8lb and a common of 46lb.  The hospitality  of Dave & Caroline has been first class,  as has been the help and friendliness of Graham & Jules.  Beautiful lake, lovely setting, whole complex is being planned to perfection.  Thank you so much for letting us fish here”.  Keith

    “A big thank you to Dave & Caroline for letting us fish at very short notice due to our other lake being flooded.  This lake is beautiful and the hospitality is first class, if you come you must try the breakfast.  The fish are in mint condition.  I would recommend this lake for a great weeks fishing.  Thank you for all your help Dave, and Graham, Caroline & Jules”.  Andy

  • Week   11-18 June  2016
    “What a fantastic weeks fishing!  Another great fishing holiday at Etang Marolles.  Dave, Caroline, Jules & Graham have been great hosts as always.  Weather a tad wet but Caroline’s super cooking and Dave’s nightly visits to take fish pictures made up for all of that!  Personal best of 45.8lb linear so chuffed to bits.  Good to see work progressing well for Dave & Caroline’s vision of the future.  Will be back soon”.  Simon & Nigel

  • Week   28 May - 4 June  2016
    “Thanks to Dave & Caroline at Etang Marolles, what a week, loved it!  Luke and I had a great time”

  • Week   21-28 May 2016
    “First timers Jake and Wes had a great week, both with PBs …congratulations guys, great angling and the best water shots of the fish to boot!”

  • Week   14-21 May 2016
    “Certainly a  tougher week on numbers for our four anglers but there have been some BIG girls out including 46.4lb, 47lb & 47.8lb”

  • Week   7 -14 May 2016
    “We’ve had all types of weather this week, thunderstorms, to hot sunny days.  Food was awful yet again!! Ha ha.  Great week had by all and made to feel  extremely welcome.  Fishing was patchy at times but we all had some cracking fish.  Our week was topped off with the “Marolles Roach Cup Competition”.  A great laugh had by all, so much so we have re-booked for same week next year.  Thanks to all for a great week.”

  • Week   30 April – 7 May 2016
    “First time here, what a great week.  PB 49.8lb “ Long common”.  Big thanks to Dave & Caroline for everything, also Graham & Jules.  Great food
    Ben, Wayne, Carl, Simon (gerkin)

  • Week   16-23 April 2016
    “Thanks to Caroline & Dave for everything.  Stunning lake with fantastic fish plus the food was so so good J  Caroline & Dave went above and beyond to make our trip one to remember.  We all had a fantastic week with 3 x PBs.  Look forward to seeing you both next year”.  Colin, Liam, Gareth, Paul, Wayne

  • Week   16-23 April 2016
    “What can we say, another great trip.  Dave & Caroline, great hosts, more PBs, food excellent as always.  Nice to see the place developing.  Hope to see you again soon”.  Paul, Pat, Keith, Simo, Ganger, Barney, Sam and our new apprentice Ross

  • Week   2-9th April 2016
    “Another great trip to Etang Marolles. 2 x 40’s and 2 x 30’s.  Fish in fantastic condition, as usual.  Thanks to Dave for the photos and advice and a special thank  you to Caz for the wonderful food and conversation.  Will be back soon”.  Chris West

    “My  first time in France, what a truly wonderful venue with fantastic people.  Being quite new to carp fishing and not used to catching big carp, David (the owner) took time and patience to show me how to handle the fish.  Yes, believe it or not, I caught!  1 x 44lb common, 1 x 44lb mirror and a 36.8lb mirror.  Not bad for my first time!  Caroline, what a hard working lady, always smiling, always a cup of tea on hand and pleasant conversation.  A wonderful week with wonderful hosts, plus a BiG thank you  to Chris West for all his help.  I’ll be back next year”.  Pete Day

  • Week   8-15  August 2015
    “We have had a fantastic time.  It was that good we decided to stay longer  than planned!  Lots of action on the Caravan Lake followed by some lovely catches on the main lake.  Thanks again to Caroline for the great meals we have eaten all week and to Dave for the fishing advice.  You made us feel very welcome, especially Ewan.  Thanks again for a great fishing holiday!”  Sarah, Wayne & Ewan

    “Great week,  PB 45.10lb mirror.   Well fed and hosted by Dave, Caroline & family.  Also met the coolest 5 yr old ever and coolest 80 yr old too.  We’ll be back.”  Ray & Jackie

  • Week   1-8  August 2015
    “What a fantastic month we have had, great hosts, great company and fantastic fishing too!!  We didn’t think that we could enjoy this trip more than we did our trip in May/June but of course we DID.  Many many thanks to Dave & Caroline.  See you next month.”  Graham, Jules & Buca

    “It was my first time here and it was fantastic.  Jeroen has been here ten times  before and caught lots of fish over the years.  The service has been excellent  and  the minute we arrived I felt at home.  I hope to come back soon and definitely for the “fishalicious competition in 2017”.  Thank you very much”  Jeroen, Mireille & Bertus

  • Week   27 June- 4 July 2015
    “Fantastic hosts!  We had a lovely week.  Food superb, weather hot & humid which affected the fishing but we will be back.  PB common for Paul at 46.8lb and 50lb grass carp for Alan and we all caught…just! “  Rob, Alan, Colin, Alan C & Paul

  • Week   13-20 June 2015
    “Great weeks fishing.  Best way to spend a birthday.  Brace of forties, PB’s for both of us”

    “A beautiful lake with quality fish and owners who know what they are talking about.  The closest thing to a syndicate lake you can get.  Thanks to you both and as Arnie says “I’ll be back”.  Chris

  • Week   23 – 30 May 2015
    “What can you say about something that is more than fabulous in ALL WAYS.  Great time had by all.  WE WILL RETURN.  Thanks”  Tony, Mark & Matt

    “A fantastic trip.  Great fishing and the best service I have ever received.  I want to return as soon as possible!  Good luck until we return!”  Matt

  • Week   9-16 May 2015

    “Another brilliant weeks fishing as always, just like previous visits.  Excellent fishing and food.  Well looked after by both David (half fingers) and Caroline.  Hopefully on our next visit next year David will manage to finish one of his many jobs started…BARN!!! “  Thanks Tom, John & Paul

  • Week   25 April – 2 May 2015
    “What can I say apart from what an absolute fantastic experience.  A brilliant venue and Dave & Caroline couldn’t have done more to make our visit a memorable one.  I smashed my PB with a 45.4lb mirror- What a fish and what a place.  A huge thank you for a brilliant week and hopefully will see you again soon.”  Wayne, Gareth, Paul & James

  • Week   18-25 April 2015
    Our first visit to Etang Marolles !  Wow, what a superbly run fishery !  Fantastic hosts, David & Caroline bent over backwards to our every whim.  The fishery will go from strength to strength.  Fish are immaculate, pristine condition, a credit for all the hard work that David and Caroline put in.  The food was awful (lol !)  Not really, it was fantastic !! We were made to feel extremely welcome.   We will be back !! Westy & Big Al

  • Week    11-18 April 2015
    A great week, a couple of forties (although one of these was out of the Caravan Lake !) » Andy & Matt

  • Week    4-11 April 2015
    Another great week’s fishing, a slow start but a few good fish once we figured the fish had forgotten what a boilie looked like !  Great hosts, great food, see you again in September ! »  Mikey, Jimbo, Mark, Wayne & Craig 

  • Week    11-18 Oct  2014
    "One fish in four nights then four fish in night 5!  My fourth trip and will be back next year.  Dave & Caroline run a fantastic fishery and are a credit to fishery management!  Two new French PB’s up to 39lb 8oz.  Stunning venue and fish.  All the best." Ben

    "Even though the fishing was  tough, Dave & Caroline did their best to keep our spirits up and enjoy the holiday experience.  Had a great time and the food was fantastic as usual.  Will be booking for next year.  Thanks for all your help (needed!!)" Ken

  • Week  4 - 11 Oct  2014
    “Had another fantastic week.  Very relaxing and great hosts.  Some lovely fish.  Thanks so much to Caroline & Dave.  See you again soon I hope”  Alan
    “ Great week’s holiday…fishing tough,  lots of rain…will be back”  Steve

  • Week    27 Sept – 4 Oct  2014
    “Fantastic food, lake and perfect hosts…the fishing, the less said the better!  Many thanks and we’ll be back”.  Toby, Ray (Roy), Pete, Marc, Paul & Darren (aka Steve & Gareth)

  • Week    20-27 Sept 2014
    "As always a fantastic week, great food, great weather, great fishing!!  Good laugh with the Midgleys.  The next year can’t go quick enough.  Big Love. 
    Team  A (aka The Fudgies)”   Marky G, Mikey, Craig, Wayne, Jimbo

  • Week    13-20 Sept 2014
    "Great weeks fishing, 3 of our group got PBs.  Excellent food, great hosts, looking forward to coming again. »  Paul, Tom, John and Martyn  GREAT FISHING" 

  • Week    30 Aug – 13  Sept 2014
    "Third time here and second two-week session.  Dave & Caroline have been great hosts, fishing and weather ace !  Can’t wait to come back" Glen

  • Week    23-30 August 2014
    “Hard weeks fishing, had a few out.  Great week.  Thanks to Dave & Caroline.  See you again”.  Mick & Daz
    “ Dear Dave and Caroline.  I enjoyed my week  in France and my dad couldn’t have picked a better place to fish and stay.  Thanks for your time with me and your facilities were amazing and you were all so friendly and nice as not many lake owners would spend time with their visitors, rolling bait and chatting about their life.  Thanks for being the best hosts and making my week”.  Henri & Marcus

  • Week    16 -23 August 2014
    “What a fantastic week again,  really enjoyed myself.  Thanks so much to Dave and Caroline. I really look forward to seeing you again soon”.  Alan

  • Week    9 -16 August 2014
    “Once again another fantastic week had, thunder, heavy rain, high winds and some lovely sunshine made fishing a challenge but some great fish caught.  Hospitality second to none as always.  A big thumbs up for Saturday breakfast at the swims.  See you all soon.  Many thanks”.    Mat & Andy
    “We had a really wonderful staying at your lake.  It was hard for us to catch any fish this week but Dave you tried everything to help us.  Thanks a lot and Caroline your cooking is every nice and the hospitality was great.  A great thanks for both of you.  We will come here again next year.  Great lake, great people           and on the last night caught two fish.”  Saskia and Twan from Holland

  • Week   2 – 9 August 2014
    “We had a wonderful week here!  Caught 2 fish and a small one, but that didn’t spoil our week, not at all.  Dave helped us with his advice, thank you and Caroline, thanks for all the lovely coffee and tea.  We will see you next time with little Bertie.  Good luck with all the work at the lake”.  Best wishes, Marlou, Bertie and Jeroen

  • Week   26 July – 2 August 2014
    “Hard fishing but a great week.  David and Caroline looked after us exceptionally well, super food and thanks for the help, sure we will be back, thanks for the memories”.  Kev, Kev, Matt, Gary, Dan, Mike & Les

  • Week   19-26 July 2014
    “Hard weeks fishing but had a few kippers!  Looked after as always to a top standard, thanks guys!  See you in 7 weeks,  BOOM!” Wayne &  James

  • Week   12-19 July 2014
    “Beautiful lake, flawless hospitality, flawless food, thank you”  Pete
    “To Dave & Caroline, had a good week, food was spot on, thanks again”  Paul
    “ Thank you for a good weeks fishing, excellent food, shame about the number of carp caught” Rob

  • Week   5-12 July 2014
    “Fantastic week, lovely food, weather brilliant.  Hosts great as usual.  Been last five years and look forward to coming again next year.  Only thing missing from the lake is Dawn & Martin! “   Mark, Paul, Martin & Dawn

    “Thanks again to Dave & Caroline for another fantastic week, especially Caroline for collecting Rex’s bivey from the maize field.  Dave & Caroline will always go above & beyond to make sure you have a great stay.  So thanks again from Pete, Gaz & Rex”

  • Week   28 June – 5 July 2014
    “Another great weeks fishing with 15 fish to 39lb.  I have been coming here five years running and you can see the carp getting bigger and the lake maturing well“.

  • Week   7-14 June 2014
    “Another fantastic weeks fishing has been had.  Dave & Caroline were the perfect hosts and have looked after us very well indeed”.

  • Week   24-31 May 2014
    “Had a great week,  tough, but we got there in the end.  Fantastic hospitality and amazing food.  Look forward to seeing you next year”.  Andy C, Rob (aka leave it till Friday to catch), Richie, Tony  & Paul

  • Week   17-24 May 2014
    “To you both, a very big thank you for your superb hospitality, wonderful food and great venue.  It is great to see you still have your passion after 10 years and thank you for the knowledge you have given us.  We wish you well for your future expansions.  We will go away with many memories, photos and many stories, which we will pass on to people back home and we will all recommend coming here and hope to be back in the future.”
    Paul, Charlie, Ray, John, Lenny, Jordan, Ben 1 and Ben 2

  • Week   10-17 May 2014
    “Fantastic hosts, fantastic food, fantastic lake, fantastic fishing.  Thanks David for always being on hand day & night with knowledge and the camera”  Chris

    “What can I say!  You truly do have a remarkable venue here.  The fishing is excellent, the food is amazing and I could not have asked for a better week, what with a new PB.  Look forward to seeing you very soon”.  David

    “This place is one in a million, run by lovely people, thanks for making us so welcome, the great fishing and venue are just a bonus,  thanks always”  Mick & Rob

  • Week   3 - 10 May 2014
    “ First time at Etang Marolles, read lots of good reports before I came, so came with great expectations. Those expectations were well and truly exceeded, hospitality second to none, thank you Caz, Dave, Sophie & Bea  Had the dining package, all food freshly cooked and home-made, great full English breakfast and a great variety of evening meals.  Sophie & Bea thanks for the cakes and Bea keep up the magic.  Oh and by the way, had a PB and caught the sturgeon.  Thank you, thank you, thank you”  Miki

    “First time on here, lovely place, lovely food, lovely people (Dave, Caroline & family).  Lads not in our group were magic!  Good crack had by all.  Would I come back?  Yes, only 3 fish but must learn more finesse to my angling on commercials, completely different to public water.”  Ian

    “ Only 2nd time in France and enjoyed every minute of it.  Dave & Caroline great hosts and look to be doing it all “the right way”.  Food was superb and will deffo look to come again, highly recommended”  Mark

    “What can I say that has not been said.  I like it a lot, will be back for sure, lovely people, lovely place, see you again”  Alan

    “Had a great week, lovely site, lovely people, see you again”  Mick

    “ Fantastic week, great fun with other lads in group.  Dave & Caroline did us proud as usual. Great food, great fishing, back next year  I hope.”  Andy

  • Week   26 April – 3 May 2014

    “Thanks again for another fantastic week of fishing and hospitality.  Can’t wait to be back!”  James (little one!) and Glen

    “Another cracking week, two PBs .  Thank you again”.  Andy O
    Another superb week’s holiday, fantastic food, great hosts, and some big fish along the way, an amazing average of 38.8lb.  Caroline, thank you very much for all the tasty food, the missed breakfast certainly wasn’t down to the quality of food but it did bank me another lump!!  Some may call it good angling!!  Cheers for a great week”.  S.A.

    “Fabulous weeks fishing had by all :) I always try and be comfortable on the bank and due to such good hospitality from you both certainly made the whole ETANG MAROLLES experience a real treat.  Many recommends will be passed around friends by both Paul and myself”.  Back to reality, I will miss all the home cooking and have to fend for myself!!  To sum up, words cannot describe how good a week it has been.  Many, many and many thanks (hopefully  not too many early morning calls!)”.
    Gareth, Paul and James

  • Week   19th - 26th April 2014

    "First visit for five out of seven of us, couldn’t have wished for a better place to come.  Excellent fishing, although the weather made things difficult at times.  Thanks to Caroline for all the fantastic food and Dave for his help on the lake”.  Olly, Rob, Rich, Phil, Steve, Karl  & Steve

  • Week   12th - 19th April 2014

    “Once again we have been made extremely welcome. Excellent weather although cold nights, wonderful condition of fish of course. We look forward to coming again. Thank you Dave & Caroline for your efforts.”
    Steve & Nick

    “My first trip here but I will be back.  Weather could have been better but the hospitality is fantastic.  Fish are all in beautiful conditions, top place”.

    “Thanks again for the amazing fishing holiday.  Had a fantastic week with fish and as a guest. Lovely warm welcome and good-bye.  100% will be back”.
    Ben & Scott

    “High standards as usual, excellent weeks fishing and a PB at the end of it, thanks v much”.
    Andy (bentrods)

  • Week   5th - 12th April 2014
    “Thanks for a fantastic week; fishing fantastic, hospitality fantastic and looking forward to coming back”
    Keith, Paul, Martin, Pat, Chris, Sam & Martin

  • Week   12th - 19th October 2013
    “Great weeks fishing,  clean & well presented venue,  great host”.
    Brian & Mel
    “My 4th time back and the lake just keeps on getting better.  A great week with a real mixed bag of weather and all the fish in exceptional condition.  Fantastic  food again Caroline and we’ll see  you soon”.
    Simo & Dave

  • Week   5th - 12th October 2013
    “Yet again an excellent trip.  Great fishing,  fish in brilliant condition. Food was superb as usual.  We’ll be back”.
    Ken & Ben

  • Week   28th September - 5th October 2013
    “Superb week as usual, food great.
    Steve - happy after finally fishing peg 1.
    I will see you again”
    Milo & Steve

  • Week   21st - 28th September 2013
    “Thanks for an amazing week. Great fishing and amazing hosts. I’ll be back. Think it was Jimbo’s year.  He just needs to learn how to keep hold of his rods now!!”
    Dan, Mark, Mike, Wayne, Craig and the Blanker no more (Jimbo).

  • Week   7th - 14th September 2013
    “Second time back at such a wonderful lake. Simply cannot believe what I have managed to catch. Really enjoyed my two week stay.Dave & Caroline are fantastic hosts and a big thank you for all Dave’s help with the fish. Caroline’s cooking is simply amazing. Going to leave with a heavy heart but already can’t wait to come back next year.  Thank you for such an amazing time, see you next year” #1 Ryan, Pat & Glen

    “Had a great week, met new friends.  Dave and Caroline were brilliant hosts.  Good fishing advice and fantastic food.  A great fishery, we will be back”.
    Mark & Rob

  • Week   10th - 17th August 2013
    “Great week, extremely welcoming and helpful couple. Great food & great coaching from Dave. We will be back. Muskrat was a first!”
    Jackie & Ray

  • Week   3rd - 10th August 2013
    “Great weeks fishing, thanks for all your help and advice Dave. Fantastic venue and food excellent. Look forward to visiting again. Thanks again Dave & Caroline”.
    Ryan & Lee

  • Week   20th - 27th July 2013
    “Another lovely week, really enjoyed it.  Very hot but a couple of lovely fish.  Look forward to the next time”  Alan
    “Great week, can’t wait to get back soon. Thanks Dave & Caroline”

  • Week   13th - 20th July 2013
    “Had another great weeks fishing with great food and good company, many thanks Dave & Caroline”
    Ollie & Phil
    “Another great week, good food, good company and made some new friends.  David & Caroline, thank you for looking after us.  We will see you both again”
    Andrew & Brian

  • Week   15th-22nd June 2013
    "Had a fantastic week, good head of fish, brilliant condition, cheers Dave.  Food, as per usual, top notch, cheers Caroline”  See you both again
    A & C

  • Week   1st - 8th June 2013
    “Had a very nice stay, some great fishing and Dave & Caroline very friendly, made it a good holiday”
    “First time in France, 16 fish so can’t complain.  Fantastic fighting fish, put a real bend in the rod”
    “Had some nice fish, great time lake, chips were great!  Thank you” 

  • Week   25th May - 1st June 2013
    “Thanks guys for an awesome week.  This fishing was superb, the food was great and hospitality excellent (the weather not so!).  Jamie says “best holiday ever” and will be back soon for the BIG grass carp”.
    James & Jamie

    “Thank you David & Caroline for a great week again.  I really appreciated the way I was looked after and the fishing was fantastic, caught some beautiful fish.  Can’t wait to get back.  It will be very soon!  Thanks again”.

  • Week   18th - 25th May 2013
    “Thanks  for a great time, made our first time in France a very memorable one. Dave’s advice was very much appreciated. Only regret is not trying Caroline’s cooking!  Thanks again”.
    “Thanks for a great week.  Absolutely smashed PB. Great venue with great hosts. Look forward to coming back next year”.
    Andy C
    “Thank you for a great week, very much look forward to coming back to see if I can beat my 45.10lb. Biggest of the week, thanks for looking after us and making us feel so welcome.  Fantastic venue J”.
    “Thanks for a fantastic week, looking forward to coming back later this year/next year”.

  • Week   20th - 27th April 2013
    “Dave & Caroline, thanks for a great time.  Fishing was hard but we all had a good time.  You both looked after us very well and the food was brilliant.  See you next time”.
    John, Andrew, Lee, Craig, Spencer, Boo, Keith & “The Winner” Alan.

  • Week   13th - 20th April 2013 “David & Caroline, thank you for a fantastic week once again.  Great food, great company and great fishing.
    Andy Ormrod
    “Great week again.  Will see you again very soon.”
    Milo & Steve
    “Fantastic venue, even better hosts.  Great food Caroline!  A  water I will definitely return to.”
    “Loved every minute.  Fantastic venue, food and patience…Thank you.”

  • 6th -13th  April  2013
    “Yet again hosts superb, will be back.  Some unfinished business”
    D & G
    “Thank you so much for a wet, windy, fantastic  week.  First visit here and  love it, hungry for more”.
    “Fantastic time, great people.  Will be back.  Thanks for making us welcome”.

  • Week   30th March - 6th April 2013
    “Very good week and hope to be back soon, with some better weather! Thanks”
    Noddy Team 1.

  • Week   23rd - 30th March 2013 “Not the weather for it!  No fish but not deterred, I will be back to give them hell.  Dave & Caroline as good as ever”
    Andy (Bentrods)
    “A cold, hard but very enjoyable weeks fishing. Moved swims twice chasing the fish but it paid off in the end. Both Dave & Caroline couldn’t do enough to help.  I’ll be back!!!”
    Dan (Erics Angling Centre, Leeds)

  • Week   9th - 16th March 2013
    "Fantastic fishery, brilliant fish in excellent condition.  Will be back again soon."
    "Fantastic week once again.  Great fishing, facilities & hospitality".

  • Week   20th - 27th October 2012
    Fantastic welcome as always. Awesome first night fishing, both of us catching our PBs 2 x 40's, 41.7lb & 40.4lb.  Fourth visit and two forties, Fantastic week

  • Week   13th - 20th October 2012
    As per usual Wayne aka "Danny" won the compo! Well Done Mate. Dave & Caroline were lovely as always. Mike J put up a good session. Mark smashed his PB. Myself & Craig are ......!! Thanks for a lovely week".
    Jimbo, Craig, Mike, Mark and the Master Mr M

  • Week    6th - 13th October
    Thanks for everything. 3 x PB's.  BRILL"
    John & David

  • Week   29th September - 6th October 2012
    "All round 5 star experience, the fishing, food and hosts were great. The fish stock is great with really fine looking carp.  An experience I will be repeating!  Many thanks."
    "Amazing fishing experience yet again, Quality, size and stock is spot on, the trip is worth every penny.  Continue to learn more about the lake each year and still has so much to offer.  See you next year!"

  • Week   22-29 Sept 2012
    "Despite the thunderstorms, gale force winds, torrential rain, and fish playing hard to get, an enjoyable time was had yet again!  Marolles continues to blossom and is a credit to Dave's and Caroline's management of the lake and the main reason we will return without hesitation! (Plus the ejoyable & excellent food)"
    Stephen & Simon

  • Week   22-29 Sept 2012
    "Very well run fishery. All fish are in excellent condition and that reflects Dave's work. Had a PB and will be back in the future. Great food & venue. Thanks
    Dave & Caroline". 

  • Week   22-29 Sept 2012
    "Had a brilliant week, smashed my PB.  Dave & Caroline couldn't have done more for us.  The foodwas excellent, the fishery is run perfectly and the fish are in immaculate condition thanks to all of Dave's hard work. Thanks for a brilliant week, I will be back"

  • Week   8-15 Sept 2012
    "Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before about Dave & Caz apart that I can echo everything and double it.  Brilliant hosts, fantastic fishery and their girls are great cooks too!!  Look forward to seeing them again in the near future" 
    Darren,Tracey, Samantha & Shane

  • Week   8-15 Sept 2012
    " Thanks Dave, Caroline & the girls.  Great hosts, fantastic food & fishery.  Look forward to seeing you next year.  All the best".
    Miles & Steve

  • Week   8-15 Sept 2012
    "Thanks for a great weeks fishing.  Everything has been amazing from the fish, surroundings to the food.  All the more to come back for.  See you again.  Thanks"

  • Week   8-15 Sept 2012
    "I'd come back just for the food let alone the fishing. You can see the fish progressing over the past four visits I have had here.  Thanks Caz & Dave, the place is pure class" 

  • Week   1-15 Sept 2012
    "Well sadly my 2 week stay is over and it's been excellent with some cracking, well conditioned fish caught.  Got to be the best looked after carp in France!  As always Dave & Caroline went above & beyond the call of duty.  Fantastic fortnight! 
    Andy (Bentrods)

  • Week   1 - 7 September
    First time in France and won't be the last, hopefully be back next year.  Great fishing and great hosts.  Smashed my PB several times.  Thanks to Dave for taking all the photos.  See you again soon.

  • Week   1 - 7 September
    Thanks to Dave & Caroline, great hosts.  Had a fantastic weeks fishing that I will never forget and beat by PB.  Thanks for all the photos taken and everything you did for us 
    Andy & Glenn

  • Week   28th August 2012
    I really enjoyed my nights fishing at Etang Marolles even though this involved an impromptu wade into the water! Something I haven'’t needed to do for a long time. Also, I was really impressed at how the fishery has developed in just under 4 years. The result is quite staggering and no doubt the reward of a huge amount of effort. It was in fact very difficult to even pinpoint where I was previously fishing 4 years ago such is the development of the site. The fishing was great and I couldn’t have asked for more from a single night
    session. The bait worked really well and Dave’'s thoughtfulness with regard to how the bait was prepared was excellent. I didn’'t get much sleep and in turn woke Dave with a couple of fish that arrived
    early in the morning. I am grateful for his support and the photograph taking as he had spent all evening working on the house so was probably tired anyway.

    Thank you for sending the photo’s through and thanks also for all your help and
    communication leading up to a fantastic trip "Thanks for a fantastic weeks fishing, great food and several PBs"

  • Week   11-18th August 2012
    "Superb hospitality, venue & fishing, we had a great time"
    Great week, thanks for everything.  Hopefully see you again soon!
    Andy, Glen and James

  • Week   04/08/12 The weeks fishing was fantastic.  Jeroen had a great start, a lot of 16kg fish.  Bertie had a slow start but in the second half of the week he caught 8 fish,  one of them 17.5kg.  We had a great time, lovely place here!"
    Bertie, Jeroen & Marlou

  • Week   21/7/12
    Superb week, Dave & Caroline are fantastic hosts and can't do enough for you. Cupcakes are out of this world. Just another 10 weeks and we're back.
    Craig & Wayne

    Thanks to Caroline & David for being on hand to help at all times.  Wonderful lake complex, good fishing, well kept grounds.  All in all a great week with good hosts. 
    Steve, Ginette, Leigh & Maxie

  • Week   30/06/12
    Another great week at Etang Marolles, Dave and Caroline could not have made me more welcome during my stay. Many thanks to Dave for his help, knowledge and patience and also to Caroline for the excellent food. I look forward to returning again next year, thanks again.

  • Week   16/6/2012
    Fantastic weeks fishing! Dave & Caroline are great hosts and the food package is superb. We will be back again next year.
    Dean & Glen

  • Week   16/6/2012
    Great weeks fishing with amazing food and David & Caroline made us feel very welcome. Excellent first time fishing in France and will definitely be back this year or next!!
    Ollie & Phil

  • Week   16/6/12
    Fantastic fishing, great hosts and a stunning lake. Everything was spot on and I didn't want to leave. I hope to be back soon. Thank you David & Caroline for looking after me.

  • Week   26/03/12 Another fantastic weeks fishing for the third year in a row and we will be back for more! Thank you very much.
    Stuart & Andy

  • Week   07/04/12
    We had a great week. Lovely people, superb fishing, beautiful lake. We really respect the way the owners take care of the lake and the fish in it. They have a long-term policy that you can notice. We strongly recommend you come here. Thanks for everything. Harran and Leo. PS We will be back in May on the caravan lake! "Fantastic cooking and lovely service. Brilliant weeks fishing. Myself and my son both broke PBs. Awesome. We will be back. Thanks to Dave, Caroline, Sophie, Bea and Dina the dog.
    Mark & Kobi

  • Week   30/06/12
    With changable weather conditions and plenty of space for the fish to move around, fishing 13 acres on your own is a big task. However, our angler managed to winkle out 3 fish, so hats off

  • Week   23/06/12
    Fantastic fishing, great hosts and a stunning lake. Everything was spot on and I didn't want to leave. I hope to be back soon. Thank you David and Caroline for looking after me.

  • Week   16/06/12
    Fantastic weeks fishing! Dave and Caroline are great hosts and the food package is superb. We will be back again next year. Great weeks fishing with amazing food and David & Caroline made us feel very welcome. Excellent first time fishing in France. Will definitely be back this year or next

  • Week   09/06/12
    Amazing week. Perfect in everyway

  • Week   19/05/12
    We arrived at Etang Marolles and were made to feel very welcome right from the start. We walked around and we were very surprised to see the pictures on the website do not justice to the venue itself. All anglers caught fish from their swims. The food was very nice and we had some good weather. We will be returning. Thanks very much Dave & Caroline" 
    Richard, Graham, Neil, Brian, Chris, Matt and Louis

  • Week   12/05/12
    "Thanks for a great week, caught some lovely fish, lovely food. Sure I'll be back"
    "Food was good, fishing superb, shower outstanding, service exceptional!"
    "I'll be back, the sooner the better. Brilliant again" 
    Andy & Gill "Smashing, loved every minute, see you next year" 
    Daz & Mick

  • Week   05/05/12
    Yet again a fantastic week for the fishing and holiday. Dave & Caroline have raised the bar on what French Carp Fishing holidays are about. Great food, friendly environment, nothing too much trouble. 3 PB's and carp in A1 condition. We will be back AGAIN!"
    Marcus, Steve, Gaz, Pete et Tel

  • Week   28/04/12
    Even the tough weather conditions didn't stop the lads bagging a few decent carp.

  • Week   21/04/12
    Another great week, fantastic food, fishing very good when it happened despite weather conditions

  • Week   14/04/12
    What a fantastic week...65 fish out between 6 anglers.

Etang Marolles Water Shot Etang Marolles Putting One Back

The Main Lake

Etang Marolles Lake Day 1

An idyllic 13 acre lake, fed by natural streams and springs.

Etang Marolles Swim 3 & 4

Your choice of top class swims

Etang Marolles 50lb’er

Lake record 50lb+ and rising.

Etang Marolles Trophy Shot

Recommended fishing style; keep it simple, mostly bottom baits, sometimes just capped off with a wafter or a pop up.

The lake bottom is predominately clay and silt. Varying depths ranging from 2 -7 ft, with an average depth in most areas of 4 – 5 ft.
Among the features there are five islands, the ‘point’ and the ‘D’ , plenty of overhanging marginal shrubs and trees, along with the odd clay and gravel bar.


Etang Marolles Power to the peg!

Power has been installed at swims 1 to 11. For a small fee, water-proof electrical sockets for your own personal supply of electricity

Al Fresco Dining
Al Fresco Dining
Al Fresco Dining
Al Fresco Dining

We have a large external decked area for our guests to eat al fresco

Etang Marolles Shower Block
Etang Marolles Walk In Shower

The shower block houses a wc and luxury walk-in shower & separate drying room.

Etang Marolles Charging Station

UK and French charging points

Etang Marolles Vehicle Access

All swims can be accessed by vehicles although this is purely for dropping off and collection of equipment. All cars must be parked in our private secure car park.

Drop us a line...!

      David & Caroline Midgley
      Etang Marolles

      53220 Larchamp

        00 33 2 43 05 22 39
        07597 359272 (UK mobile)