Arial View of Etang Marolles

Bellevue Lake Rules

A carp angler's dream is to catch big, immaculate looking carp.

To produce this calibre of fish, we ask you to read and observe these basic fish handling rules.

The observance of these rules will help keep our fish in the mint condition that you deserve.

Before lifting the fish onto the cradle have a container ready, full of fresh water, to wet the cradle, iodine to treat the fish, weighing scales and camera ready.

Please ensure the hook links are unclipped or main line cut before placing the fish into the weigh sling.

Slide the weigh sling under the collapsed landing net and lift the fish from the water using the sling.

Return all fish ASAP and in warm weather be extra careful.

Only move fish from the cradle to the water in the weigh-sling

Etang Marolles Kingfisher

  1. All landing nets to be dipped in our disinfectant before fishing starts.
  2. Minimum of one landing net per person (but two preferred) and no smaller than 42 inches.
  3. Maximum of 3 anglers with a 6 rod limit.
  4. Bait boats are allowed but please use responsibly and not to be used to encroach on other angler’s water.
  5. Minimum 15lb main line.
  6. No leadcore or leaders of any description.
  7. No braided line or shock leaders allowed.
  8. No fixed/bolt or tethered rigs allowed.
  9. A minimum of 18” tubing to be used with all rigs.
  10. No shelf-life baits other than for hook baits, EXCEPT CherryCarp shelf-life baits which have been vetted and are acceptable for you to use.
  11. No nuts of any description.
  12. Crushed or micro-barbed hooks only.
  13. No curved long shanked hooks.
  14. No sacking or retaining of fish under any circumstances.
  15. Please respect other anglers at all times and keep radios etc. to a sensible volume.
  1. All particle including pellet must be purchased from Etang Marolles.
  2. Unhooking cradles and weigh-slings are provided by Etang Marolles, please ensure correct use.
  3. Fishing is only permitted from designated swims.
  4. Do not leave rods unattended.
  5. No standing with fish for photos.
  6. Please ensure hook-links are unclipped or main line cut before lifting the fish into the weigh sling and cradle. Make sure you have your weighing scales, iodine and camera ready BEFORE placing the fish into the cradle).
  7. Grass carp cannot be lifted out of the water and put on the bank at any time and are to be unhooked and weighed in the water. Assistance is on hand 24/7 should you require it.
  8. I give my consent for any photos to be used for publicity for Etang Marolles LTD.
  9. Drunk or disorderly behavior deemed unreasonable and could put at risk the safety of any individuals or fish stock will result in your holiday being terminated and you will be asked to leave the fishery.