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Breakfast at Etang Marolles

Breakfast at Etang Marolles

your home from home

If you've just had a titanic battle with a 40lb carp, finally wading chest-deep into darkened waters to seal your victory, then we are able to offer you some welcome relief. When you come to visit us we want you to feel as comfortable as you would at home, and that is why we have gone to great effort to build you a shower block so that you can freshen up, and a lodge where we can feed and water you. We also have a drying room available for your wet, damp jackets and clothes that need drying off after your stint in the lake...

Shown above a typical Continental and English breakfast, available with tea, coffee, orange juice, toast and jams.

The bottom line is that fish love smelling like fish and eating lake food - you don't have to!

call us on +33 2 43 05 22 39 or +33 6 43 35 87 89 or email us at to book your carp fishing holiday!