carp hall of fame

Etang Marolles view over the carp fishing lake

who's a pretty carp then?

The Etang Marolles photo gallery will show you all the thumbnails of the best pictures from our intrepid carp anglers. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the carp and proud angler, and once you've finished admiring the picture, simply click anywhere on the image and it will disappear, and you will be returned to the gallery page. We also have some video footage for your pleasure at the bottom of the page.

the carp photos...

2015 Carp GalleryView our 2016 Hall of Fame

2015 Carp GalleryView our 2015 Hall of Fame

2014 Carp GalleryView our 2014 Hall of Fame

2013 Carp GalleryView our 2013 Hall of Fame

2012 galleryView our 2012 Hall of Fame

2011 galleryView our 2011 Hall of Fame

2010 galleryView our 2010 Hall of Fame

2009 galleryView our 2009 Hall of Fame

2008 galleryView our 2008 Hall of Fame
Our first year of being officially open with the carp proving some great weight gains on the 2006 and 2007 stocked fish. These carp are looking great!

2007 galleryView our 2007 Hall of Fame
Our 2007 album contains carp stocked in the previous year looking in fantastic condition and putting up some good fights. With additional stock introduced in December we can expect the same for the new fish on the block!

the carp videos...

Each of these videos are about 8mins 30secs long, so sit back and relax and see some seriously strong carp fighting!

We know that there are BIG carp in the lake - the question is, can you get a pose with any of them!

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