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November 2016

Winter fishing at Marolles...still a chance of a bit or two!  Reclin & Edwin travelled from Holland to fish for the weekend and were rewarded by banking a 46.2lb on the first night and a 45.1lb the next. 

Late October 2016
A successful two night session for four local lads with four carp banked.  Well done guys. 

October 2016
A cracking week for Alan, Mick and Daz! Another bumper week of forties and PBs for Mick and Daz.  Congratulations fellas!


Last week Sept 2016
Four anglers and 3 PBs broken for three of the lads with SIX FORTIES to add to the catch report along with a couple of 30's and a 20, a great result for the week!

46lb Long Common

Third week Sept 2016
The hot weather continues into Sept and the final scores on the doors for our guys were 14 carp banked; TWO FORTIES, 6 x 35+, 4 x 30's, 2 x 20's - 41.12lb

Second week Sept 2016
We welcomed four new guests to Marolles along with a couple of regulars making a total of six anglers on this popular week.  Plenty of PBs broken and you can see why... 46.8lb

End of August/early Sept 2016
A two week stint for Glen, Ryan and Adrian yielded some monster carp for our lads. Ryan won the trophy for the biggest at 49.12lb

Late August 2016
Extremely hot temperatures this month but the guys still managed to winkle out a few.  THREE FORTIES, 4 x 35+, 3 x 30's & 7 x 20's

Early August
Our reputation for housing some big forties at Marolles is evident.
48.4lb for Steve with a further two forties and upper thirties between our two anglers.

July 2016
Martin had an amazing session  in the first week of July, 7 carp banked and zero losses but the EXCITING NEWS WAS OUR THIRD  50LB’ER  was banked during this week.  Martin’s overall tally was: 5 x 20’s,  44.9lb and A WHOPPER AT 50.2lb.  WELL DONE!!!

June 2016
A red letter week for Paul fishing in the last week of June.  Some absolute corkers including FISH OF THE WEEK A 46lb COMMON!  Colin and Graham , although not fishing for a full week contributed to the catch report which finally added up to include SIX FORTIES!!  Not bad!!  Overall catches for the week 23 banked and 1 lost; 4 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s,  9 x 35+, and 6 x 40’s =  46lb,  40.12lb, 41.2lb, 41.8lb, 42.4lb, 42.4lb

Mid June 2016
Another bumper week at Etang Marolles; 4 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s, 6 x 35+ & TEN FORTIES = 46.8lb, 40.12lb, 46lb common, 40.8lb, 40.4lb, 42lb, 43.14lb, 44.8lb, 43.8lb, 42lb

Early June 2016
One of the most exciting catches of the week has got to be this STUNNING LINEAR weighing in at its heaviest at 45.8lb,  well done SIMON.   Total catches for the week 16 and 6 lost: 2 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s, 5 x 35+ &  FIVE FORTIES =  43.4lb common,  40.8lb, 41lb, 45.8lb linear, 42.12lb

May 2016
3 anglers on end of May/June, David plus newbies Dad & son who both broke PBs on this first trip to France.   6 carp banked and 3 lost; 2 x 30’s, 1 x 35+ and  ONE FORTY AT 43.1lb.  Nice one guys!!!

A fantastic session for the lads, Jake & Wes. ANOTHER 50’lber BANKED, SECOND ONE OF THEY YEAR!!!   And some of the best water shots we’ve seen with the upmost care taken of our fish.  Well done Jake and Wes and congratulations on your new PBs.  11 banked in total and 1 lost; 2 x 20’s, 2 x 30’s, 2 x 35+, FOUR FORTIES  and ONE FIFTY AT 50.2lb;   41lb, 50.2lb, 40.15lb, 48.8lb, 40.14lb

Third week of May was certainly a tougher week on numbers for our four anglers but there have been some BIG girls out.  10 carp banked and no losses.  1 x pastie (but a stunning fish so we’ve left it in the main lake to swim alongside the big girls!!   ) , 3 x 35+ and SIX FORTIES.  41lb, 41.8lb, 47.8lb, 47lb, 46.4lb, 40lb

Second week of May off to a flyer for our five anglers:  22 carp banked and six lost.  4 x 20’s, 3 x30’s, 7 x 35+ and EIGHT FORTIES.  40.12lb, 43.8lb, 42lb, 45lb grassy, 42lb, 45lb, 42.4lb, 47.5lb.  Happy anglers all round!!

Six anglers booked on for this sought after week with great results.  The NOTORIOUS LONG COMMON was banked by Ben at its heaviest weight yet 49.8lb.  23 banked and 5 lost; 5 x 20’s, 5 x 30’s, 6 x 35+ & SEVEN FORTIES.  48.12lb, 44lb common  42lb, 41.12lb, 47.4lb grassy, 42.13lb, 49.8lb

April 2016
Always a popular time at Marolles and for good reason...28 banked and zero losses for our five anglers.  7 x 20’s, 5 x 30’s, 6 x 35+ AND TEN FORTIES, breaking some PBs with those scores...41.6lb, 43lb, 49.4lb, 41lb, 48.8lb, 42.8lb, 45lb, 43lb, 43.8lb, 40lb.  Liam, one of your younger anglers,  was responsible for 3 of those forties (43lb, 43.8lb & 40lb)...  Quite a feat to beat!! EXCELLENT WORK LADS!!!

Third week in April and FISH OF THE WEEK goes to Keith at 46.14lb   15 carp banked and four lost; 3 x 20’s, 3 x 30’s, 2 x 35+ and SEVEN FORTIES.  43.2lb, 42.12lb, 46.14, 43lb, 40lb grassy, 45lb, 44.12lb.  Some great fish and four new PBs, can’t grumble at that!

Early April and you take a chance with the weather conditions.  Fortunately for Chris and Pete, undeterred by the prospect of cold they didn’t leave empty handed,  far from it!!    Banked seven between them and no losses.  2 x 30’s, 1 x 35+ and FOUR FORTIES.  42lb, 40.14lb, 44lb common, 44lb mirror.  The week just flew by with great company.

March 2016

53.2lb  BIG CONGRATULATIONS and well deserved for Paul, who has come over for a couple of weeks to help Dave build the lodge on the Caravan Lake.

Lake record 2016

***WINTER NEWS 2016***

We'll start with a nice brucey bonus for anglers fishing the main lake this season.
Four newly stocked fish, all 40lb+, one of which is just shy of 50!

New fish for 2016 at Etang Marolles

New fish for 2016 at Etang Marolles

New fish for 2016 at Etang Marolles

New fish for 2016 at Etang Marolles

January 2016

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers.  Some big changes underway for our Caravan Lake this year.  It will increase in size (around 3 acres) with a bigger stamp of carp taking resident, our fish stock will be 100 carp predominantly 20’s, 30’s, a couple of 40’s, two sturgeon around the 30lb mark and a couple of grass carp 35lb and 42lb.    It will be open for business beginning of May 2016.  We are also building a lodge (sleeps 4) which can be rented exclusively with the lake.  BUT fear not our loyal Caravanners!   We are keeping the  caravan pitches but the lake can only be rented exclusively and on  a first come first serve basis.  All these changes come at a price and this means a different tariff to last year.  N.B.  However, if you have already make your booking, as promised we will keep it at the 2015 price.                             

August 2015

Early August and some stunning catches

August 2015

A record was set for the longest fishing session at Marolles arriving early July and leaving second week of August. "What a fantastic month we have had, great hosts, great company and fantastic fishing too!!  We didn't think that we could enjoy this trip more than we did our trip in May/ June but of course we DID.  Many many thanks to Dave & Caroline."  Jules & Graham

Jules and Graham Fishing trip to Etang Marolles 2015

July 2015

Birthday celebrations for Craig AND a  43lb mirror this week.  Still warm but more overcast.  22 carp banked for week 4 - 11 July for our three ( and a half ) anglers...Martin's wife Dawn is the half and landed this 26.6lb mirror!

Birthday July 2015

43lb Mirror at Etang Marolles

Happy Birthday 2015

July 2015

Hot temperatures took us into July and the heat-wave lasted most of the month with 38 degrees, the highest we have ever known it.  For week ending 4th July and for our five anglers, a few chances resulted in nine carp banked, 50lb grassy, 44lb grassy, 2 x 20's, 3 x 30's, 1 x 35lb ... and this stunning 46.8lb common

June 2015

The lake continues to produce some sizable lumps and more PBs are broken.  During week 13 - 20 June, a brace of forties for two of the lads plus 5 x upper 30's and 10 x lower 30's.

Personal best june 2015

Personal Best June 2015

End of May 2015

Here's what the guys had to say about their week after banking 26 carp between the three of them. "What can you say about something that is more than fabulous in ALL WAYS!  A fantastic trip, great fishing and the best service I have ever received. I want to return as soon as possible!"

Feedback 2015 May

Mid May 2015

All 3 anglers broke their PBs this week and 32 carp banked between them.  Say no more!

April/May 2015

Some great fishing over these weeks with the fish coming out in fantastic condition.  During week 25 April -2 May, we saw the 52lb grassy, 45.4lb PB for Wayne  and a further 8 x 40's were banked along with 14 x upper 30's and 24 x 30's and 20's.  Baby Basil came out at its heaviest weight ever at 29.12lb.

May 2015

Some fantastic fishing on our Caravan Lake this week, good angling and favourable weather conditions means Graham has banked over 40 fish since his arrival last Saturday (16 May) and this is just day fishing!!!  Biggest so far 36.6lb mirror.

Etang Marolles Carp May 2015

Etang Marolles Carp May 2015

Etang Marolles Carp May 2015

Etang Marolles Carp May 2015

Etang Marolles Carp May 2015

April 2015

Already into our third week of the season and after a relatively slow start "we think the fish have forgotten what a boilie looks like", said Mikey" during the first week, all the guys managed to catch with the biggest carp banked at 39.12lb.  The caravan lake produced a couple of big 'uns as well that week, a 32lb and a 39lb grass carp.  Our second week proved more productive with 14 carp banked and 2 lost between two anglers with bigger fish caught, 41.2lb was fish of the week for 11-18 April. Our first 40lb'er also made an appearance out of the caravan lake which was cause for celebration.

It's a different story this week...all bar the one fish has been above 40lb, with our BIGGEST RECORDED WEIGHT FOR A COMMON banked at 47lb AND last night a 50.6lb MIRROR.  See our facebook page for the most up-to date news.

47lb Lake record

50.6lb lake record

February 2015

Just to liven things up a bit for our laid back caravaners...13 new additions put into the Caravan Lake. A mixed brace of 40's seen here plus a further 11 carp ranging between 30-38lb. Part of our winter programme was to increase the average weight of the fish stock in the Caravan Lake. Beef up your gear lads and lasses, these corkers will certainly put a bend in your rods!.. and we're not finished yet...more carp to be added over the coming weeks.

February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp
February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp
February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp
February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp February 2015 Carp
February 2015 Carp    

HAPPY NEW YEAR (2015)!!!
An action packed 2015 lies ahead with planning permissions passed for lodges on our smaller lakes and an extension onto the main lodge to provide a separate dining room for all our guests who take our scrumptious food package.  To kick start the year we added a further six mighty lumps to our main lake, 1 x low fifty!!! and 5 x mid forties.  A big thank you for all our Christmas Greetings and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.

A Scraper 50

***CATCH REPORT***Week 24-31 May
5 anglers, 28 fish banked and 12 lost; 1 x double, 12 x 20's, 7 x 30's, 5 x 35+, 1 x 40 and 2 x 45+. Congratulations to Andy, the trophy winner for overall heaviest combined weight of fish for the week.

28 May
Our guests on the Caravan Lake have been kept busy since arriving on Saturday with 42 fish banked to-date, mostly mid to upper doubles and 5 x 20's...and the sturgeon of course! Bringing in their rods of a night-time for a well earned rest!

16 fish banked and 6 lost; 1 x double, 6 x 20's, 4 x 30's, 4 x 35+and 1 x 49lb

***CATCH REPORT***Week 17-24 May
The guys packed up after dinner last night as they were mega early this morning to catch their ferry.  One of the last fish banked was an  impressive PB for Jordan at 40lb.  Total fish banked 28 with 6 lost:  11 x 20’s, 5 x 30’s, 7 x 35+, 3 x 40’s and 2 x 45+

22 fish banked and 4 lost for our eight anglers this week; 7 x 20's, 4 x 30's, 7 x 35+, 2 x 40's and 2 x 45+

19 May
Hot weather triggered the first of the spawning in the main lake and the caravan lake. Despite this some great fish were still caught between our eight anglers...including this 46lb caught this afternoon.

***CATCH REPORT*** Week 10-17 May
23 fish banked and 6 lost between 6 anglers; 7 x 20's, 5 x 30's, 8 x 35+ and 3 x 40's.

11 May
Six anglers arrived yesterday and six fish banked. 2 x 20's and 4 x upper 30's.

***Catch Report***3-10 May
7 anglers and 36 fish banked with 6 lost: 16 x 20’s, 10 x 30’s, 8 x 35+, 1 x 40 and 1 x 45+

9 May
Over 30 fish banked to-date with this stunning 44.8lb in the mix.

After a slow start, a respectable 15 fish banked with 3 lost; 6 x 20's, 7 x 30's and 2 x35+. And yes, this includes a 33lb for Andy, hurray!

***CATCH REPORT***Week 26 April – 3 May
51 fish banked in total  and 6 lost between six anglers (although our non angler lays claim to one of the thirties!); 1 x double, 12 x 20’s, 13 x 30’s, 15 x 35+, 6 x 40’s and 4 x 45+.  Some fantastic looking fish out this week including two grassies, 49.4lb and 24.14lb plus a beautiful fully scaled and a ghost carp. All broke PB’s this week.

3 May
Whilst packing up this morning, a tidy 40lb carp ended this week’s fishing session, making it the tenth 40 of the week.

1 May
Another good week for our anglers with 36 fish banked so far and with news on the lake-vine of further two this afternoon.

27 fish banked and 5 lost; 5 x 20’s, 6 x 30’s, 10 x 35+, 2 x 40’s and 4 x 45+

28 April
2 upper forties banked by James this afternoon.

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp  

27 April
Two chances a piece for our six anglers equals 10 fish banked and 2 lost over the last 24hrs

26 April
We said goodbye to our seven anglers this morning and in turn welcomed our fourth group of the season which includes six anglers plus one non (Dad to one of our young fishermen this week).  Two pick-ups this afternoon resulted in a PB 39lb mirror and a 26.8lb common, cause for celebration…Further along,  the lake produced a 39.8lb.  A nice start to he week. 

***CATCH REPORT***Week 19-26 April
A further three fish out last night brought the grand total to 24 fish banked and five lost; 8 x 20’s, 6 x 30’s, 6 x 35+, 3 x 40’s and 1 x 45+.  Fish of the week 46.12lb

25 April
A heavy downpour last night and four fish banked; 36.8lb, 28.1lb, 35.1lb and a 40lb.

January 2013 Carp    

24 April
In the early hours this morning 46.12lb.

January 2013 Carp    

23 April
A hefty lump at 44lb this afternoon.

An increase in bar pressure and unusually some rain has got things moving, four fish out last night and two forties this afternoon.  Currently we are at 9 fish banked; 2 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s, 1 x 35, 2 x 40’s with one lost.

22 April
7 anglers and very little action so far this week.  Very low pressure and cold temperatures have made for less favourable conditions.  3 fish banked and one lost; 26.5lb, 34.13lb and a  37.8lb common

***CATCH REPORT*** Week 12-19 April
What a week!  Cold nights and warm days but some absolute corkers banked… 31 fish including 8 forties with 4 lost; 5 x 20’s, 12 x 30’s, 6 x 35+, 5 x 40’s and 3 x 45+. 

17 April
The last 24hrs have been quite eventful… starting with a 38.5lb, followed by a 31lb, 33.9lb, a 49lb grass carp, 45.5lb, 42lb and a 34lb!

January 2013 Carp    

16 April
6 anglers and 20 fish banked with 3 lost; 3 x 20’s, 8 x 30’s, 5 x 35+, 3 x 40 and 1 x 45+

15 April
The fourth forty out this week and another PB at 40.3lb.

January 2013 Carp    

14 April
A PB for Andy at 46.7lb (pic 4)

Week 12-19 April
Six anglers arrived yesterday in warm, sunny conditions at Etang Marolles.  With the guys settled into their swims, a few fish have already been banked; 2 x 30’s,  38lb and a 40 lb’er.

12 April
***CATCH REPORT*** Week 2-12 April
A splendid start to the season, well done to all the lads and couldn’t have asked for nicer guests!  30 fish banked  and 10 lost; 5 x 20’s, 9 x 30’s, 11 x 35+ and 5 x 40’s.  Fish of the week 43.15lb

11 April
23 fish banked along with a stunning linear at 38lb

January 2013 Carp    

9 April
1 x 20, 3 x 30’s, 4 x 35+ and 3 x 40’s

8 April
4 x commons out yesterday: 332.10lb, 32.12lb, 38lb including the “long common” weighing an honest 43.15lb.

January 2013 Carp    

6 April
Well done to the lads this evening…handled brilliantly, well-organized with forward planning, waders at the ready and EVERYTHING DONE IN THE WATER, a tidy 39.4lb grass carp to show for their efforts. 

January 2013 Carp    

Week 5 -12 April 2014
Etang Marolles opened their doors to seven West Country lads yesterday, to the start of the 2014 fishing season.  With a 30+ out last night we are looking forward to see what the forthcoming weeks have in store with these mild weather conditions.

Etang Marolles opened their doors on Saturday to seven West Country lads to the start of the 2014 fishing season.  Three fish out so far, 35.14lb, 39.4lb grass carp and a 37.14lb with one lost.  We are looking forward to see what the forthcoming weeks have in store with these mild weather conditions.

Phone Cable Etang Marolles15th March 2014
After two weeks of no phone or internet we are finally back on line!  Digging up the driveway and laying 200m of telephone cable was no easy task but it’s done and now business as usual! 

14th February 2014
On a domestic note, replacing the sit-down breakfast at the lodge on Saturday, a breakfast roll will be delivered to your swim between 8-9am.  Swims are to be vacated by 10am.   Tea, coffee and orange juice will still be available from the lodge.  This is just on Saturday morning to allow for the changeover of anglers.  For the rest of the week breakfast and evening meal will be at the lodge as per usual.    

February 2014 - New Arrivals at Etang Marolles  
Amid the wind & rain today, a handful of chunky monkeys were stocked in the main lake, all ranging between 38-41lbs.

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp

Here are some photos of the snags and tree stumps removed from swims 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Can you spot your rigs?

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp

Snag Removal
Another objective for the draindown was to remove the snags/tree stumps & roots.  It was never going to be easy with about sixty odd stumps but armed with chainsaws, winches, crowbar and giant lever bar plus a sense of humour the stump war began…

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp  

Winter 2013/14
Draining of the main lake went well this winter.  After a successful netting, 1100kg of roach & tench were removed plus 240kg of zander, perch & pike, bringing a total of 1340kg.  All carp below 25lb were also taken out and re-homed in the Caravan Lake.  A percentage of roach, tench & predators were kept aside and put back into the main lake to help maintain a healthy balance.  Many thanks to everyone who helped both on the main lake and Caravan Lake nettings this winter.

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp


December 2013

Thank you to all our anglers who visit us year on year and a BIG welcome to any first timers who are booked on for next year.

A monster work list has been undertaken this winter including draindowns and snag removals, along with the annual pruning, planting and general maintenance around the lake. Photos to follow shortly.

Here's to a cracking 2014 season, cheers everybody!!

December 2012 – The Big Uns

The arrival of our two grass carp were cause for excitement just because of the sheer size of them… 57.2lb & 70.4lb

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp  

Another couple of forties made their new home here at Etang Marolles… 42.5lb & 44.8lb

January 2013 Carp January 2013 Carp  

December 2012 – 10 New Arrivals at Etang Marolles

Ten fantastic looking carp all between 38lb-44lb.   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our all anglers and we look forward to the opening of the 2013 Season.

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view    


July 12th 2012

Week 20-27 April 2013 has become available. Always a popular first come, first served!

June 2012 - Prime Time Fishing

Post spawning and the fish are on the munch.  A short fishing session over three nights results in some great fish plus adding another forty to our continuous run of 40's week on week! 
For one angler, 40.4lb, 37.8lb, 35.12lb, 32.8lb, 31lb,  29lb, 27.8lb, 2 x 27lb and a 23lb.

Click here for a larger view

June 2012 - Season's biggest fish so far 49lb!!!

Click here for a larger view

March 2012 - Start of the 2012 Fishing Season at Etang Marolles

Click here for a larger view

First three fish out absolute corkers, 35.6lb, 35.12lb and 37.8lb, all mirrors

January 2012

As promised, a further ten fantastic carp all ranging between 34 - 37.5lb were delived to Etang Marolles this weekend. The cold snap were perfect conditions to receive the fish.

Up until this weekend weather conditions have been mild as a result the fish have continued feeding well over our baited areas, all the time the weather stays mild we will continue our feeding programme. Let's hope the new carp enjoy the haute cuisine, ie Dave's hand made boililes as much as the older residents!

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view

December 2011 - Newly stocked in the main lake

Five stonking carp ranging from 37lb-42lb with another ten fish of the same calibre arriving in January

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view  

2012- Winter Fishing

After popular demand we will be open during the winter months November & December from 2012 at the special price of £180 for one week Drive & Survive only.

December 2011

Another 15 top end fish all 35lb + to arrive next week. This time we will be ready with the camera!

Saturday 26 November

Etang MarollesA foggy & misty start to the morning where the netting team first cordons off the lake nearest the lodge and the result is a successful haul of over 350kg of small roach & rudd and a handful of young predators (pike & zander).

In the afternoon and with the fog still present the lower end of the lake is netted and after 3 hours of pulling through a very disappointing result with barely any fish in the net. However, the discovery of two massive feeding troughs approximately 3ft deeper than the rest of the lake meant an escape route for the fish.

Etabg MarollesPost analysis and a new strategy using two nets meant the next day a fantastic netting with somewhere between 200-300 good sized carp with a very high percentage in the 30-40lb bracket and a handful of fish that looked as if they were already into the 50's. The added bonus of the draindown and netting was the removal of 1.1 tonne of tench & silverfish overall.

We are gutted that we do not have any photographs of the fish as Caroline (chief photographer) was called away during the netting and did not get back in time to photograph all the exciting stuff. Needless to say she is now on probation.

Thanks to everybody who helped with the netting over those two days.

Coming soon for 2012...Beautiful 1.6 acre lake with caravan spaces

2 caravan spaces available with hook up points.
£280 per week, per space or enquire about day rate options
Picturesque 1.6 acre lake
Carp stocked upto 35lb
1 x sturgeon upto 30lb
Good coarse range

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view  

November 2011

Winter works have commenced with tree clearing, wood chipping and swim maintenance.

The drain down has started with our smallest of stock ponds producing a 1/4 tonne of small fish, which had been caught and transferred from the main lake. A big thank you to all you anglers for helping to catch the small critters over the last year.

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view  

April 2011 - New lake record 51.8lb

With the calibre of stocked fish it was only a matter of time before it started to produce some weighty carp .  A fantastic start to the 2011 season. Check out the pictures

Click here for a larger view

February 2011 - Billy's Extension
The swim affectionately known as 'Billy no-mates' is undergoing works to be made bigger. With a total of 14 swims plus an additional two stalking swims you will be spoilt for choice!

Click here for a larger view

January 2011 - Chalking
Our annual programme of chalking has commenced with a 13 tonne application. Behind the scenes winter work to ensure good water quality for the forthcoming 2011 season. Click on the image for a larger view.

Click here for a larger view

November 2010 New Fish Added
Etang Marolles added to their Carp stock 8 newcomers weighing between 37 and 41lb. Click any image below for a larger view.

Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view Click here for a larger view
37lb 41lb Common 39.6lb Mirror

2010 Hall of Fame officially open! March 2010
The new Hall of fame for 2010 is now online. See our gallery for full details.

2009 Hall of Fame now in place! December 2009
The new Hall of fame for 2009 is now online. See if you can spot yourself on the photos. See our gallery for full details.

New fish added! December 2009
We have added another 30 beautiful carp in December 2009. These include Commons and Linears. Click here for the images.

Lake netted ! November 2009
The lake was netted and in total 1.3 tonne of silver fish removed, plus a good chance to see some of our residents! Click here for the images.

New carp gallery pictures and YouTube video! September 2008
We've uploaded some fantastic new images of the great carp that were caught this season to date, and we are also on YouTube now! Some of you were having trouble viewing our Flash galleries, and so we've totally rebuilt them so that you can see exactly what we have in our lake. Please have a look at our gallery pages to see if you are on there.

Google maps September 2008
It's now easier than ever to find us! We've provided a Google map pointing you to Larchamp , that shows you just where our carp lake is. Come over to France and see us!

pre season carp restocking September 2008
With the fish stocking programme to be completed at the end of December 2008 with an extra thirty-fifty 20lb carp we can look forward to a busy 2009 fishing season.

pre season carp restocking January 2008
Etang Marolles has just received a new batch of stock, 96 fantastic looking carp ranging from 20 lb to 34 lb, with further stock to be added in February to help ensure we get the 2008 season off to a good start!

carp restocking August 2007
A planned stocking for December 2007 of an additional 1 tonne has been ordered along with an additional fifty 20 lb + carp from our stock ponds.

our season opener! April 2007
After months of refurbishment works we were so pleased to be able to welcome our first guests of the year, and a great time was had by all!

call us on +33 2 43 05 22 39 or +33 6 43 35 87 89 or email us at to book your carp fishing holiday!